I Know You

Publisher: HQ

Publication Date: 28/06/18

ISBN-13: 9780008238704

ISBN-10: 9780008238704

Formats available: Paperback, eBook

Having recently moved to England, American Taylor realises that life in London is not all she imagined it would be. Pregnant and lonely, with a husband frequently away on business, she turns to social media for company – until she joins a community walking group and starts to make some ‘real life’ friends on the ground. Taylor, Anna and Sarah are soon hanging out regularly, with divorced Simon on the periphery.

But, someone’s not being too careful what they post on social media, and someone else has an ulterior motive for following them… who’s stalking who, and why?

Described by Judy Finnigan as ‘gripping, chilling and twisted’, I Know You will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. #amreading #stalker #watchout

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